by Purpose Repair Shop
Locations Department


  1. Foreword
  2. Locations Guide
  3. Locating Primer

Locations Guide

The Purpose Repair Shop Locations Department is guided by the following principles:

  1. Thankfulness (co-called gratitude, appreciation) of the Earth and our existence is the primary Architecture in which we live.
  2. Freedom with connection, together, simultaneously, is the route. All actions, relationships, commitments, and projects reflect the task of being both free and connected, simultaneously.
  3. Each member and partner of Locations is an individual, with their own signature ways of communicating, behaving, collaborating and living, and a member of greater community(s).
  4. Fun is a necessary fuel, in addition to food and water, for each comrade. Other comrades must Lookout and replenish the varying levels of fuel at various times. If fuel seems to be running especially low for a comrade/project, it is best to notify the others involved and strategize accordingly.
  5. Locations may require traveling opaque and nameless routes. We proactively Lookout for opaqueness, seek communal knowledge, and consult expert partners to illuminate routes to prioritize the safety of all beings and the Earth.
  6. Communication comes in many forms, and must adhere to principles 1-5 to allow for more mutual appreciation, freedom, connection, clarity, and fuel.

Purpose Repair Shop shares this Location Guide in solidarity with all partners and collaborators, present and future.